"Mark O’Neill might be the sharpest expert about electronics for fishing boats in the area..."

Dale Bowman, Chicago Sun-Times, December 20, 2013

Northwest Herald (Steve Sarley) - April 2019

Looking for a fishing guide?  Here are the area's best
Northwest Herald (Steve Sarley) - April 2018

More Fishing Guides to Check Out
Northwest Herald (Steve Sarley) - February, 2017

Precision Boat Control with Mark O'Neill

Midwest Outdoors (Walt Matan) - October, 2014

Doctor Sonar Helps You Put It All Together
StarTribune (Brian Klawitter) - January 7, 2014

Technology Adds Another Dimension to Fishing
Chicago Sun-Times (Dale Bowman) - October 29, 2013

Banner Day on Lake Geneva
Chicago Sun Times (Dale Bowman) - October 9, 2013

Lesson Learned - Use What Works
Northwest Herald (Steve Sarley) - September 5, 2013

Algonquin’s O’Neill Gains Fame in Fishing, NASCAR
Northwest Herald (Steve Sarley) - August 21, 2013
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