Structure-Fishing with Mark O'Neill Information


Mark O'Neill educates fellow anglers on Lowrance electronics, mapping and fishing with seminars, classes and on the water training that he does in the Midwest and Canada.   His main objective is to help clients get the most out of their Lowrance electronics and as result become more proficient at fishing as they learn more about the environment that is below the surface.

As an Engineer by trade today, Mark's approach to fishing is more technical than most, with the primary focus being on the structure of the lake and not necessarily just the shore line.  He is aided greatly by the maps he creates and uses his Lowrance electronics to get a much better understanding of what lies below the surface.  As a licensed guide and pro staff member for Lowrance, Doctor Sonar, Ranger Boats, Mercury Marine, St. Croix Rod and Optima Batteries to name a few, he continually exposed to the latest technologies as they become available and he demonstrate and share those technologies at the Lowrance seminars, classes, on the water training and guide trips that he does. 

Bringing in an 8 pound Walleye as seen on a Lowrance HDS-9 Touch unit using a St. Croix Avid AS63MXF rod with 6 lb P-line copolymer line
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